Schop: St Mary's Street

In the heart of the old town


Our refurbished former shop on St Mary's Street is home to a variety of individual freelancers and small businesses, representing a range of industries including architecture, copywriting, engineering, visualisation, translation services and tourism. This small community thrives off interaction across these disciplines, whether it be collaborating on a shared project, sharing thoughts and approaches to different problems, or relaxing in the local pub after work on Friday.

Schop: St Mary's Street comprises co-working space for up to 12 individuals, with areas of the premises able to be configured to suit small-business requirements (subject to availability). Although most of us walk or cycle to work, the office has private parking directly at the rear for anyone needing it.

A dedicated desk space is £49/week + VAT including business rates, power, data (fast broadband wifi and LAN), use of network photocopier/scanner, kitchen, meeting room, parking space, quiet rear garden for lunch on sunny days and a locker (optional).

Try us out for a week without commitment. After that you only need give us a month's notice if you want to move on. . . because we think you'll want to stay! 



About the Schop

Schop:  St Mary's Street

The building itself is in the heart of Edinburgh's old town and forms part of an imposing Scots Baronial tenemental streetscape by famed Edinburgh architects Cousin & Lessels. St Mary's Street was constructed in the 1860s on the site of the previous medieval St Mary's Wynd  as part of the city's Improvement Act which brought commerce and better quality housing to the area.

The shop has changed hands several times since then, including stints as a Victorian pawnshop (the signage still visible on the streetfront), and a tie manufacturer before its present incarnation.





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