Schop: Grindlay Street



Our co-working space on Grindlay Street is looking for new tenants!

This former grocer's shop has been overhauled to form a flexible modern environment, with the addition of new amenities to create a comfortable place of work. Key details of the existing shop have been carefully preserved, and contrast visually with the new inserts, allowing the building's past to become part of its future.

Schop: Grindlay Street comprises co-working space for up to 6 individuals, either freelancers or small businesses.

A dedicated desk space is £225 + VAT for a monthly tenancy including business rates, power, data (fast broadband wifi and LAN), use of network photocopier/scanner, kitchen, meeting area and a locker (optional).

Try us out for a week without commitment. After that you only need give us a month's notice if you want to move on. . . because we think you'll want to stay! 



About the Schop

Grindlay Street was created as part of the expansion of residential Edinburgh in the 1860s, and gained its name from Mr Grindlay, the former owner of the land on which it now stands.

The premises at No. 5 have no doubt played host to several different trades over the years, but will be most familiar to current residents of the city as Fox's Grocers, popular with taxi drivers for their morning bacon roll.

Schop:  Grindlay Street




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