We are Schop.
Started by a small team of architects in 2008, we quickly found that sharing our work space and overheads with other individuals and micro businesses meant we were all more resilient through the recession. We are now a fully fledged co-working work space business offering dedicated desk space and business services at an affordable price and flexible terms in attractive city centre locations in quirky Victorian former shops in Edinburgh.

Schop is simply an old Scots word for shop, deriving from the french échoppe, meaning a stall or market stand. We have brought it back into circulation to describe our premises, each of which exist in traditional former shops in lively city centre neighbourhoods. These have been carefully renovated to retain some of their charm while creating a comfortable and welcoming place to work.

Interested in becoming a member of our co-working community?

**NEWS. We have one desk space available for rent at our St Mary's Street co-work office. Get in touch. We'd love to show you around. Mobile 07812 214104 **



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  Schop:  St Mary's Street

Schop: St Mary's Street

  Schop:  Grindlay Street

Schop: Grindlay Street






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